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Top Trumps Horror & Predators

Top Trumps Horror & Predators


Format: PS2
Genre: Action

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

39 kr


Based on the classic card game that has had kids hooked for generations, Top Trumps: Horror & Predators takes the experience to a whole new level. Play against the computer or against your friends, test your knowledge playing the quizzes and collect special cards and trophies.

  • Game modes - Quick start, Single/2 player, Quiz and Tournament modes Multiplayer over DS Wi-Fi.
  • Beautiful graphics with videos and animations

Övrig information

Platform Playstation 2
Age rating 3+ G AUS
Barcode 3307210240941
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher N/A
Produced by AAIT