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SpellForce Platinum


Spellforce Platinum Game+Exp

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

39 kr


Includes: • SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. • SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix • SpellForce: The Breath of Winter SpellForce: The Order of Dawn: The thirteen most powerful mages of the world have joined forces to unleash an evil curse that has doomed the people of the lands. Entire cities have been wiped away by the awesome power of the elements, whole continents shattered, the pieces left adrift in the harsh sea, and merciless armies have been enslaved by the power of magical runes to do their master's bidding. Your job is to save this crumbling world by regaining control through strategic battles and creating settlements with the help of six unique races including Elves, Humans, Orcs, and Trolls, as well as with the aid of an immortal hero-avatar. • Fantasy realtime strategy role-playing game • Click 'n' Fight control system guarantees instant action • Use 6 races of creatures to fight evil • 30 different enemy races • For 1 player SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix: The adventure continues - the thrilling plots of The Order of Dawn and Breath of Winter find their dramatic conclusion in The Shadow of the Phoenix. Featuring terrifying new enemies, the most powerful avatars ever and even pets - but strange pets that won`t fit the word "cute". Enjoy lush oases, travel through deserted landscapes and face a threat no human mind could imagine. • Two new units and buildings per race siege units and fast moving swarm units offer a new layer of tactical depth and challenge the player's labilities • Extensive single player campaign with more than 40 hours of game play continuing the storyline of the first two parts of SpellForce. • Avatars can now reach Level 50 and employ 40 new powerful abilities and spells. • Use your Avatars from SpellForce The Order of Dawn or Breath of Winter land lcontinue their adventure from either perspective • Dozens of new enemies and spectacular boss monsters • Over 150 new items and 27 powerful set items, some of them can be modified by the player • Ten new multiplayer maps and 15 Co-op maps. Now Co-op will feature Quests for the players. SpellForce: The Breath of Winter: The prince of darkness has been making plans to return the dark gods to the world of EO. He awakens the mighty ice dragon, Aryn, ans sends out his raging hordes to defeat the folks. And once again, the runes are called upon to face the power of fire and ice. Once again, the battle between good and evil has been inflamed... • An extensive single player campaign over 40 hours of play time • In the new game mode "Freeplay", you can face your enemies in single player mode or in the cooperative multiplayer mode via LAN or the Internet (up to three players against constantly alternating enemies) • For the first time ever, you can also call upon Orc, Elf, Dark Elf, Goblin and Blade hereos • More than 150 new items and set-items that will give you an additional bonus in combat • An enormous amount of impressive, new enemies such as werewolves an treewraiths as well as gigantic, spectacular final enemies Numerous new, highly effective spells • Command the legendary ice elves as your allies

Övrig information

Platform PC
Age rating 12+ Pegi
Barcode 9006113095712
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Nordic Games GMBH
Produced by AAIT