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Paintball Heroes


Format: PC
Genre: Sport

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

39 kr


Paintball Heroes brings one of the most popular outside sports indoors to the masses, letting players experience the thrill of the chase without even getting their feet wet! It's not just a quick trigger finger that's needed to get through, players will have to demonstrate sound judgement, tactics and strategy if they are going to survive to become a Paintball Hero.
Covering five different terrain types and sporting impressive AI opponents, makes Paintball Heroes the definitive PC paintball experience.
  • Exceptionally high quality graphics
  • Atmospheric sound effects add realism to the event
  • Many different modes of play
  • LAN network capability for two to four player multiplay mayhem!
  • Players can choose from up to seven different weapon types

Övrig information

Platform PC
Age rating 12+ Pegi
Barcode 7350002939277
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Incagold
Produced by AAIT