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Girls Life Sleepover Party


Format: Wii
Genre: Party/Musik

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

98 kr


Girls Life Sleepover Party allows you to organize & experience a unique party with your best friends thanks to tons of activities inside and outside the TV screen! Organise & have a crazy pyjama party with your best girlfriends with loads of games to play, both on and away from the Wii! Players can customize their Party Schedule with the things that you and your friends want to do! There are more than 60 options and activities to plan ahead. You can create shopping lists for decorations, food, make ups and more. Filtering options include: activities, duration, themes, number of players. You even get a host, called by your Girls Life heroine?s name. She will always be present to help the player by explaining some details: she is like the big sister and the best friend forever and will reassure parents. With the help of the host, you?ll be able to plan all the details of your party and have fun at the same time There are more than 60 minigames, providing activities both on and off your television screen. Games without Wii remote include fashion, boys, bottle and in-game agility tests. With the Wii remote you'll find dance mini-games an agility test, and much more. The game even supports the Wii Balance Board! You'll get to pick a fun theme for your party, from Halloween to Hollywood to the Beach, even getting to choose from special activities that depend on the time of year, based around things like Christmas and birthdays!

Övrig information

Platform Nintendo Wii
Age rating 3+ Pegi
Barcode 3307211662841
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Ubisoft
Produced by AAIT