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Legend of Kay


Format: PS2
Genre: Action

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

71 kr


Legend of Kay is a classic action adventure – enhanced by an advanced close combat fighting system. Our hero ‘Kay’, a young cat Kay, embarks on a quest to save his village from invading troops of emperor Shun – king of the mighty gorillas. Kay may be young, but he is a brave and agile fighter. He leaves his hometown only with his sword and soon becomes a seasoned fighter, the only hope of all cats. Finally Kay will manage to unravel the secret that lies hidden in the volcano fortress of emperor Shun.

  • The fights in Legend of Kay recreate the feeling of classic eastern martial-arts-movies. But even Kay’s most spectecular moves are executed by pressing few buttons at the right moment. Kay auto-aims at enemies to a certain extent, which makes it easy for the player to execute double- and triple blows, uppercuts, backflips, somersaults and powerful magic attacks.
  • Kay starts his quest with a sword and later in the game receives steel claws and the powerful war hammer. All weapons can be upgraded. But the multifold enemies in Legend of Kay are dangerous and sly. Gorillas, rats, crocodiles, turtles – they all are equipped with spears, blades, axts … and they know how to use them.

Övrig information

Platform Playstation 2
Age rating 12+ Pegi
Barcode 9006113001942
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Nordic Games GMBH
Produced by AAIT