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Kao the Kangaroo Round 2


Format: PS2
Genre: Action

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

39 kr


Kao's adventure will take him from 'Beaver Forest', through 'Thunder Mountain', deep beneath the undiscovered 'Ocean Lands' and finally to the forlorn 'Treasure Island'. But getting there is not going to be without peril!! With a thunderous avalanche in hot pursuit, Kao must hop on his snowboard and slide down the icy 'Canyon of No Return', take flight across the oceans with the help of 'Carlos the Crazy Pelican', ride the rocky mine cart and compete in a high speed boat pursuit. After conquering the quests Kao will finally capture a glimpse of Barnaba's ship, the setting for the final battle between good and evil!

Not content with being a little handy with his fists, the kick ass kangaroo must master 7 new fighting techniques to pound his enemies with. A destructive tail attack will send his foes into a dizzy spin and a slam jump to knock any opponent off their feet. And what Ozzy kangaroo isn't complete without his trusty Boomerang for defeating those hard to reach henchmen?

Kao the kangaroo: Round 2 is an exclusive adventure platformer for all ages. With plenty of hidden spots, bonus levels, races, shooting ranges and big bosses, Kao offers an eclectic mix of gameplay set across vast, colour rich lands.

  • More than 20 colorful, detailed levels to explore, spread across 5 unique worlds, from the Arctic to Australia.
  • Amazing new vehicles including a snowboard, a catapult, a pelican, a water barrel, even a whale!
  • 7 fighting techniques to master, from boomerang throwing to devastating tail attacks, over 30 challenging enemies to overcome!
  • Power-ups to collect, hidden areas to find, and bonus levels to explore.
  • Simple, user friendly control system.

Övrig information

Platform Playstation 2
Age rating 3+ Pegi
Barcode 9006113001935
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Nordic Games GMBH
Produced by AAIT