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Heavyweight Transport Simulator


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39,00 kr


Heavyweight Transport Simulator
39,00 kr

As a haulier focused on heavy transports there is no transport problem you can't deal with. Whether "normal" heavy cargo or loads of more than 400 tonnes (800 000 pounds), you transport each single freight safely to its destination. Powerful tractor units in different classes of load capacities and the required, matching semi-trailers are loaded in delivery order. Even in the event of special transports with unusual and challenging dimensions you keep cool and calm and know exactly how to remove obstacles, such as signs and stones efficiently from the road.

Good planning is the basis for a smooth work flow. Therefore careful preparation of the routes, precise time management and the gauging of loading and unloading facilities are among the routine tasks of your team. But only if you are aware of all the possible challenges will you be able to work uninterrupted!

A special 3D graphics engine enables a clear and realistic presentation of all events. Step by step, you gain experience and therefore you constantly receive more profitable orders that require your full attention and skills.

A level is considered to be solved if, within the given time, the specific tasks have been fulfilled. But watch out, other events always affect the current game run.

  • Completely detailed scenery in 3D graphics
  • Absorbing, ongoing story
  • Weather effects, day / night shift
  • Numerous tasks
  • Long lasting fun factor due to the high score function
  • Free choice of the mission, once you have ac complished all tasks
  • Intuitive control via keyboard and mouse
Platform PC
Age rating 3+ Pegi
Barcode 8716051055730
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher N/A
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