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Hard Truck Tycoon


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39,00 kr


Hard Truck Tycoon
39,00 kr

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the US infrastructure development of heavy truck transportations. The game provides you with the unique possibility of becoming a part of the awesome process which shaped the world greatest transportation system. It makes you feel what it takes to evolve from clumsy farmers’ motorized vehicles into superpower heavy trucks.

Hard Truck Tycoon is an economic simulator. It tests your capability to make tough decision under realistic business conditions. Start from the scratch, try to develop your infrastructure and find out whether you are up to follow or exceed the success of the great founders of US transportation system.

  • Fit into the realistic business process to increase your capital via developing smart and cost-effective transportation system;
  • Build your transportation infrastructure facing the challenges of competitors and heavy traffic;
  • Purchase new trucks by smart choosing between 30 different models, which were historically developed by US constructors;
  • Choose a random scenario to increase replayability;
  • Go through milestone events of the history of US transportation system since 1960 being deeply involved into each historical script with its unique environment and conditions
  • Test your Human Resource Management skills by hiring and training of drivers. Exert direct influence on employees skills and expertise to increase labor productivity and traffic safety;
  • Explore Isometric three-dimensional graphics providi
  • Outsmart your friends through Internet or LAN game.
Platform PC
Age rating 3+ Pegi
Barcode 7350002939383
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher Game Outlet Europe AB
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