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Gamecube Controller USB Blue LED Retrolink


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166,00 kr

Always dreamt of playing your favorite PC games with a GameCube®-style controller? Now you can! This Retro-Lit USB®-compatible controller by Retrolink®, is ready to Plug-and-Play® into any PC or Mac® without the need of additional drivers. Featuring a transparent shell, vivid blue LED interior lighting and 9 configurable buttons + 2 joysticks, this wired controller will have you playing in style while giving you that classic GameCube® feel. Whether you're about to go toe to toe with friends or racking up frags on the hottest PC multi-player, now you can go old school with every weapon in your arsenal!


  • Compatible with PC / Mac®
  • 9 configurable buttons
  • 2 configurable joysticks
  • Plug-and-Play® ready, no drivers needed
  • Blue LED lighting color
  • Approx. 6 ft. cable
Platform PC
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