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Dog Island

Dog Island


Format: PS2
Genre: Action

Tillgång: I lager - 3-4 arbetsdagars leveranstid

88 kr


In 2000, Cute and little funny looking pals made their debut in a series of handy picture booklets, classifying into each breed as "THE DOG". Their lovely and unique portraits such as the highly expressive close-range images (using a wide-angle photographical lens), round eyes, and protruding muzzle hit the streets and began to attract people. This is how "THE DOG" started.

  • PLENTY OF CUTE PUPPIES More than 48 breeds to meet Customise your character with clothes & accessories
  • AN ADORABLE ADVENTURE FOR KIDS Heartwarming story of a dog trying to save his sibling from sickness Sniff out hidden treasure trusting your sense of smell
  • AN ENGAGING AND DIVERSE QUEST Very diverse environments to visit from Egypt to Greenland Replay value with mini-games such as races and soccer!

Övrig information

Platform Playstation 2
Age rating 3+ G AUS
Barcode 3307210257208
Boxtype DVD Box
Publisher N/A
Produced by AAIT