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Dead Rising Classics


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Titel: Format: XB360 Genre: Action
95,00 kr

As photojournalist Frank West you've uncovered the scoop of the century - a mall full of zombies, cordoned off by the army. Now you're locked in with thousands of shambling corpses for the next 72 hours. To survive three days of shopping and chopping and uncover the mystery of the mall, you'll need your wits and a lot of gardening implements about you…

  • They went shopping, now they're rotten - Next generation "swarm" technology surrounds you with hundreds of on-screen zombies to hack, drive and run through.
  • Lawn mower death - If you can pick it up, you can use it. Over 250 items to cause mayhem with include skateboards, severed arms and circular saws.
  • 72 hour countdown - You decide how to play, as events unfold in the mall. Help other survivors, find the source of the outbreak - or just hide yourself away in a cupboard…
Platform Xbox360
Age rating 18+ Pegi
Barcode 5055060965078
Boxtype Classics
Publisher N/A
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